Thursday, November 10, 2011

First things first...

Get a 3-ring binder and page protectors. Start saving all of your contracts, notes, ideas, brochures, business cards, quotes, sample menus, questions, and potential guest lists... Make sure you have the correct Hebrew spellings for your child's name, mother's & father's names, and grandparents too (if child's mother & father are called up for an aliyah). Anyone else who may be called up to the Torah for an aliyah will also need to know their Hebrew name (and their parents' Hebrew names.) Save invitations that you and/or your child receive, for reference. Save a copy of your synagogue's bulletin/newsletter so you will be able to easily write the announcement for your own child. Save a program from a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at your synagogue to become familiar with the variety of aliyot (honors) that might be available for you to assign to your family members and/or friends.Keep a copy of your child's Torah reading or other important information.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ideas for the DIY crafter in you :)

place cards: lollipops, labels, styrofoam block covered with fabric using spray adhesive

custom cake from with candle lighting centerpiece made from glass votives, vellum printed using inkjet printer, and Mickey Mouse paper punches using aluminum foil instead of paper... 

table set up - fabric wrapped glass floral cylinders (using Xyron permanent adhesive), vellum printed using inkjet printer and wrapped around glass votive, submersible LED lights, and custom chocolates - all on a black tablecloth - huge fan of the black - I was afraid it would look dark, but it was so incredibly elegant looking!

another view of the table and lights, with Mickey Mouse shaped cookies made by a friend

kids tables set up - also against a black tablecloth - perfect!

I was so pleased with how the alcove was transformed into the perfect kids area!

another view of the candle lighting centerpiece I made using glass votives

vellum wrapped votives as table markers and fabric wrapped vases for LED lights

newsletter format information for guests