Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just can't say enough good things about BLACK tablecloths. They make the whole room so much more upscale looking. They also really help make your centerpieces stand out a lot more. When this was suggested to me, I thought for sure it would make the room look so much smaller and darker. I was SO wrong! I'm glad I took the great advice. I've seen lots of mitzvah parties that used black tablecloths and they all look great! It works for any theme or color scheme. The party pictured here was a double mitzvah for a stepbrother and stepsister pair. The theme was perfect: The Best of Both Worlds. I'm sure planning parties for pairs presents lots of challenges, and this theme could be adapted to any pair of kids celebrating thei B'nai Mitzvot together. Each table was labelled with one of the kids' interests. Notice also how added up lighting enhanced the decor.
Ask your caterer if they provide black table coverings. You will be thrilled with the look!

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