Sunday, March 11, 2012

Candy Theme Ideas

It's a popular theme, but can be done in so many different ways... Here are some great ideas for candy theme decorations...

The first idea comes from none other than a Christmas, Easter, and Halloween decorations website & store (thank you to the creative folks at:

The very same website and blog entry brings this beautiful idea along with instructions:
Lighted Box idea from
Imagine this gorgeous lighted box wrapped in colors that coordinate to your party! I'm already wondering how I could adapt this idea to be a box that people could drop their envelopes into on the gift table... Instructions for making this can be found at:

Lastly, I have another link to a Christmas themed craft with detailed instructions that could easily be adapted to a candy themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah:
This project also looks easy, and extremely affordable! Instead of candies that look like mints, you could use different colors of paints and different colors of cellophane to coordinate to the colors of your Bar or Bat Mitvah! 

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